VISION: To impact youth’s lives and see a positive transformation in them, in others and in our world.

Mission: To impact youth so they can continue impacting others through education, service learning, and leadership building.

Motto: Impacting youth so they can impact others!

What is YOUth IMPACT?

We are a non-profit 501c3 organization completely devoted to help develop the youth of today.


Our purpose is to help youth develop character through leadership skills, serving the community and being of impact to others. We strongly believe that young lives are the most valuable natural resource that we have.  If we can be of an impact to them, they can be of impact to others and our future. We work closely with elementary all the way to college age youth.


We focus in on key areas of leadership, environment, health and wellness, financial literacy, and community service. Much more than just educating, we believe in having service learning, which is in simple terms, doing the work and learning from it.  We provide opportunities for youth to serve in their communities, lead projects and come up with and implement innovative ideas to make a difference.  We help instill values, build leadership skills and mentor youth to help make their communities better.  We allow youth to be the ones who lead and are in charge of projects, and we partner alongside with them to guide and mentor them in the process.



Board Members

Director- Youth Impact

Cesar Hernandez

Founder, Board President and Executive Director

Father, Pastor, Teacher, Youth Leader, Degree from UTEP in Business Administration


Lucy Hernandez

Board Secretary and Assistant Director

Mother, High School Teacher, Youth Leader, Mentor, Degree from UTEP in English, Secondary Education

Alejandra Pineda

Board Treasurer and Administrator

High School Teacher, Youth Leader, Mentor, Degrees from Liberty University and UTEP (Masters) in Science, Biology


Gloria Garcia

Marketing Manager and Executive Administrator

Mother, Business Owner, Mentor, Social Media Expert, Volunteer, Degree from NMSU in Business Management, HR